The Big Picture Basics Thinking Like a Psychologist In the Real World What’s In It For Me? Special Topics
Episode 1
Introduction To Psychology
  • Asking the Tough Questions
  • Diverse Perspectives
  • Debunking Myths
  • Speed Dating
  • The Myth of Multitasking
  • Experiments: Experimental Group vs. Control Group
  • Psychological Professionals and Their Areas of Specialization
  • Experiments: Independent vs. Dependent Variables
Episode 2
Research Methods
  • How to Answer Psychological Questions
  • Scientific Research Methods
  • Thinking Critically
  • Resolving Conflict
  • How Am I being Influenced?
  • Ethics and Psychological Research
Episode 3
Biological Psychology
  • My Brain Made Me Do It.
  • How the Brain Works, Part 1
  • The Pre-Frontal Cortex: The Good, the Bad, and the Criminal
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Your Brain on Drugs
  • The Plastic Brain
  • Methods for Studying the Brain
  • The Neural Impulse Action Potential
  • Neurotransmitters: Reuptake
  • Sensory and Motor Neurons
  • The Spinal Cord Reflex
Episode 4
Genes and Evolution
  • Genes, Evolution, and Human Behavior
  • Genetic Mechanisms and Behavioral Genetics
  • Evolutionary Psychology – Why We Do the Things We Do
  • Taking Control of Our Genes
  • Epigenetics: A Revolutionary Science
  • DNA Model / Genetic Expression
Episode 5
Sensation and Perception
  • Taking in the World Around Us
  • In Full Appreciation of the Cookie
  • Can Smells Alter Mood and Behavior?
  • Managing Pain
  • Perceptual Magic in Art
  • Recognizing Faces
  • Structure of the Eye
  • The Structure of the Ear
  • Cochlear Implant
  • The Tongue and Taste Buds
  • Olfactory Receptors
Episode 6
  • States of Consciousness
  • Rhythms of Consciousness
  • The Uses and Limitations of Hypnosis
  • Sleep, Memory, and Learning
  • Altered States of Consciousness
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Stages of Sleep
  • Circadian Rhythms
  • Sleep Disorders: Apnea, Insomnia, Narcolepsy, and Somnambulism
  • Awareness Test: Inattentional Blindness
  • The Physical Effects of Alcohol
Episode 7
  • What Does It Mean to Learn?
  • Classical Conditioning: An Involuntary Response
  • Physical Punishment – You Decide!
  • Learning Aggression
  • How to Make Healthier Choices
  • Learning to Overcome Phobias
  • Classical Conditioning in Humans: Little Albert
  • Using Shaping to Train a Dog to Jump Through a Hoop
  • Negative Reinforcement
  • Observational Learning: Bandura's Bobo Doll Study
Episode 8
  • The Woman Who Cannot Forget
  • Do You Remember When…?
  • Police Line-Up
  • The Memories We Don’t Want
  • Making It Stick
  • When Memory Fails
  • Depth of Processing: Interactive Experiment
  • Memory Improvement with Mnemonics
  • Reasons for Forgetting
  • The Neuroscience of Memory: Long-Term Potentiation
Episode 9
Life Span Development
  • Different Perspectives on the World
  • How Thinking Develops
  • Smart Babies by Design
  • Parenting Styles and Socialization
  • Identity
  • Risky Behavior and Brain Development
  • Parenting Styles: Authoritarian, Authoritative, and Permissive
  • Piaget Schema: Assimilation and Accodomation in Children
  • What Children Know about Conservation
Episode 10
Cognition and Language
  • I Am, Therefore I Think
  • The Mind is What the Brain Does
  • Multilingualism: Speaking One’s Mind
  • Changing Your Mind
  • Making Choices
  • Mental Imagery: In the Mind’s Eye
  • Problem Solving Difficulties: Confirmation Bias, Functional Fixedness, and Mental Sets
  • Cognitive Advantages of Multilinguilism
Episode 11
  • What is Intelligence?
  • Theories of Intelligence
  • Intelligence Tests and Success
  • Intelligence Tests and Stereotypes
  • How Resilient Are You?
  • Intelligence Testing, Then and Now
Episode 12
Motivation and Emotion
  • Motivation and Emotion
  • Theories of Emotion and Motivation
  • Affective Forecasting
  • Eating Disorders
  • Meeting Our Needs
  • Detecting Lies
  • Display Rules and the Behavior of Emotion
  • Cognitive Labeling of Emotion
  • Maslow's Eight-Level Hierarchy of Needs
  • Increase Your Productivity with the GTD Method
  • Self-Determination Theory
  • Brain Processing of Emotional Stimuli
Episode 13
  • What is Personality?
  • Personality Theories
  • Measuring Personality
  • Popular Personality Assessments
  • Psychological Resilience
  • Twins and Personality
  • Freud and Psychodynamic Theory
  • Behavioral Genetics and Heritability
  • Projective Personality Tests: Rorschach
Episode 14
Sexuality and Gender
  • The Power of Sex
  • Sex and Gender Differences
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Sexual Problems and Dysfunction
  • The Dating Game
  • Cultural Norms and Sexual Behavior
  • Masters and Johnson's Sexual Response Cycle
  • Sexual Orientation: Definition and Prevalence
  • Sexual Orientation: Biological and Environmental Factors
Episode 15
Psychology and Health
  • Health Psychology
  • Stress and Your Health
  • Personality and Health
  • Reducing Stress, Improving Health
  • The Challenge of Quitting Bad Health Habits
  • Health Disparities
  • Social Coping: Relationships Keep Us Healthier
  • Stress and Immune System
Episode 16
Social Psychology
  • The Social World
  • Under the Influence of Others
  • Changing Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Are Stereotypes and Prejudice Inevitable?
  • Attraction
  • Mental Shortcuts in a Social Context
  • Cognitive Dissonance
  • Conformity: Asch Study
  • Obedience to Authority
  • Internal and External Factors of Aggression
Episode 17
Psychological Disorders and Therapies
  • What Does It Mean to Have a Mental Disorder?
  • Living with a Disorder
  • Assessing Treatment Effectiveness
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Finding a Therapist If You Need One
  • Schizophrenia: Positive and Negative Symptoms
  • Panic Attacks Impair Daily Functioning
  • Effective Treatment of Panic Disorder using CBT
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy
  • What is Psychosurgery?